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HUGE NEWS: I am happy to announce that has brought the website under its banner and we will be merging over the next 20-45 days.

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Hi! My name is Marvin.

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I am on a path toward financial freedom. On this blog, I share thoughts and ideas on Personal & Financial Freedom.

After all, money is just a means to an end: to be free to spend your time as you wish, to maximize your positive impact in the world.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

― Mark Twain

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Finance Tools
Some tools have really inspired and accelerated my journey toward financial freedom. Here are my favorites!

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A good broker with low fees is key to long-term investment success. The ones listed here are time-tested and reliable.

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Real Estate
Tired of the ups and downs of the stock market? Put your money into real assets and watch the checks fly in.

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For the enterprising investor, crypto is the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a look at some of my top picks for low fees and high returns.

Latest Posts

Does Stash Use Zelle?

Stash has become one of the simplest ways to start your investing journey online, and, on top of that, Stash also offers a free debit account! I wondered if this debit account could be linked to Zelle to transfer money between Stash and traditional banking even faster. Here’s the answer: Unfortunately, Stash does not work…

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Why Holdfolio Is Bad

Holdfolio is not one of the lesser-known real estate crowdfunding platforms out there. They have gained a lot of traction in the past few years, acquiring more and more multi-family properties in the south-eastern market. But why might Holdfolio be a bad choice? Overall, Holdfolio’s team is less experienced than that of similar real estate…

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Is Holdfolio Legit?

Although Holdfolio has become a bigger player in the world of real estate crowdfunding over the past several years, it has remained largely unknown. To find out whether Holdfolio is really legit I did a lot of research and invested in some of Holdfolio’s projects. Here’s my verdict: Holdfolio is a legitimate real estate syndicator.…

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