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Where To Check Day Trades on Webull

Where To Check Day Trades on Webull

Webull is one of the most popular brokers for day trading as they place very few restrictions on your account. However, one of the issues I found when day trading with Webull was that I could not find the number of day trades I had placed. After a few hours of research I discovered how:

To check how many day trades you have made (and how many you have left) simply hit the bottom center button in the app. Then select the appropriate account you will see how many day trades you have left – just below your account risk level.

In this article, I will walk you through step-by-step how to check your day trades on Webull. I’ll also discuss how many day trades you are allowed to execute and what happens if you day trade too much. We’ll also go over the potential penalties and account restrictions.

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How do you view day trades?

While Webull does not give you an interface to check how many day trades you have placed, it does show you how many day trades you have left in your account before violating their terms. I’ll insert a screenshot of the account overview including the number of day trades left just below and then I’ll go through how to get there.

To get to the above overview and see “Day Trades Left” follow these steps:

  1. Tap the center button: On iPhone or Android, tap the bottom center button. This will take you to your account overview.
  2. Choose your account: Select the account you would like to check day trades for in the top left corner. By default “All Accounts” are selected so make sure to change that else your day trades will not be displayed.
  3. Check your day trades: In the middle of the screen on the right-hand side, you will see “Day Trades Left” and a row of comma-separated numbers below. The numbers indicate how many day trades you have left in the upcoming days.

And voila, now you also know how many day trades you have left in your account before incurring an account violation. Before we move on let’s talk about how many day trades you are actually allowed to make on Webull.

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How many day trades are you allowed on Webull?

The number of day trades you are allowed to make varies depending on the type of account you have. When using a margin account the absolute limit is three day trades. With a cash account, however, there is no limit. However, you still have to be careful not to trade with unsettled cash.

Let’s look at these three different account types and how they affect day trades:

  • Margin Accounts: With margin accounts, you are essentially borrowing money from Webull to place trades. Webull has limited day trading on margin to 3 day trades. When placing your fourth violating trade Webull will prompt you to acknowledge that you are about to violate their terms.
  • Cash Accounts: With cash accounts, you only use the cash balance in your account to place orders. There is no limit on day trades for cash accounts on Webull. However, be aware of no trading with unsettled cash.
  • Unsettled Cash: Cash from a liquidated trade that has not fully settled yet in your account is considered unsettled cash. You will incur a good-faith-violation (GFV) if you day trade with unsettled cash on Webull.

While there are some pitfalls when day trading on Webull the general rule is quite simple. If it’s your cash and money Webull does not care much. But once you’re using their money to day trade, Webull places some restrictions on your account.

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What happens if you day trade 4 times Webull?

When you are about to place your fourth day trade on Webull you will receive a warning prompt that you are about to violate their terms and conditions. However, you will only receive the prompt when trading on a margin account. Cash accounts can day trade more than 4 times.

Interestingly, you can still execute the trade despite the warning. If you choose to do so, your account will incur a violation and you will be flagged as a pattern day trader. This means that additional requirements will be placed on your account to continue trading.

Pattern day traders on Webull need to maintain at least $25,000 worth of equity in their account. This equity is used by Webull as collateral to protect their downside in the case of a day trader going bust.

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Is there a penalty for day trading on Webull?

After placing your fourth day trade on margin your account will be restricted and you will need to fulfill the additional requirements mentioned above. This restriction differs from the restrictions your account is placed under after several good-faith-violations.

In order to avoid the penalty and account restriction, I’d recommend using a cash-only account. As long as you are placing day trades from your cash balance Webull has no reason to restrict or penalize your account. It’s only when you trade on borrowed money that you might run into trouble!

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You can check your day trades easily by tapping the bottom center button in the Webull app. Generally, margin accounts are allowed three day trades in total before incurring a violation. Cash accounts, on the other hand, face no such limitations. Once you pass this threshold you wil be flagged as a pattern day trader and will have to provide at least $25,000 worth of equity to continue trading.

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