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Can I Link SoFi To Cash App?

Can I Link SoFi To Cash App?

While SoFi tries to be the all-in-one place to bank, Cash App still remains the most popular way for Americans to pay friends and family members. However, combining both simple banking and easy money transfer would make SoFi and Cash App a fantastic combination. So, can you actually link SoFi to Cash App?

Fortunately, there are two ways to link SoFi to Cash App. The first one is to simply add your SoFi debit card to Cash App – just as you would any other debit card. The second way is to enter your routing and account number in Cash App and make transfers that way.

In this post, I’ll answer the question of if and how SoFi integrates with Cash App and how to easily link those two apps. We’ll also go over how to add funds to Cash App from SoFi. Let’s get started!

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Does SoFi work with Cash App?

SoFi works with Cash App just like any other bank account. You can set up a connection between those two banking apps either by using your debit card or your SoFi account and routing numbers.

While SoFi does not fully integrate with Zelle, Cash App on the other hand is a privately owned company that is not controlled by big banks and has no restrictions when it comes to using it with your SoFi account.

To add a bank to your Cash App account follow the general instructions below:

  1. Click the “Profile Icon” on your Cash App dashboard
  2. Select “Linked Banks”
  3. Click on “Link Bank”
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen

While the steps above apply to adding any bank account to your Cash App, let’s also look more specifically at linking a SoFi account to Cash App!

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How do I link SoFi to Cash App?

When linking your SoFi account to Cash App there are no specific requirements you will need to take into account. While the process works just the same as described above, you will have at least two options for adding funds from SoFi to Cash App.

How to add funds to Cash App from SoFi:

  • Debit Card Number: The easiest way to use your SoFi account with Cash App is to simply enter your debit card number when linking an account in Cash App. This way the integrations will happen instantly and you will be able to send money via Cash App the very same day.
  • Routing & Account Number: When using your SoFi routing and account number to add funds to Cash App, be aware that it might take some time to verify your bank details. I’ve had trouble using SoFi with Plaid on multiple occasions.

If you are unable to link your SoFi account using Plaid, you will have to wait a couple of business days for the deposit verification process to complete.

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What bank is Cash App on SoFi?

Cash App does not appear as a bank on SoFi. If you are trying to link your Cash App account to the SoFi app you are doing something wrong! In order to integrate SoFi with Cash App simply follow the instructions above and add your SoFi debit card or account numbers within the Cash App.

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SoFi works with Cash App just like any other bank account would. In order to link these two banking apps go to your Cash App dashboard and select linked banks. Then simply add your SoFi debit card details or your account and routing number and go through the verification process.

Once completed you will be able to send funds from your SoFi account via Cash App instantly!

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