interactive brokers server location

The location of Interactive Brokers (IB) servers influences the operation of TWS. As such, making sure that your ISP’s physical distance with the IB servers is at the minimum can help you overcome latency challenges. So, where exactly are the Interactive Brokers Servers located?

Interactive Brokers server location: Interactive Brokers houses four major computer centers operating around the world. Among these four servers, two are located in the US, one in Europe and the last one in Hong Kong. The servers are allocated on the basis of your location and/or your trading preferences.

In this post, I will give you a rundown of Interactive Brokers servers’ location and how you can test the strength of your connection. I will go through the process of transferring TWS from one computer to another using IB’s ‘store settings on server option.

Lastly, I will also shed light on your network configuration and how to connect with IB’s servers directly. So, off we go!

What Is The Location Of All The IB Servers In The World?

TWS or Trader Workstation, is a desktop-based interactive flagship platform provided by Interactive Brokers for all and any kind of trading. Connection with the TWS is established via port 4000 and 4001.

The following chart indicates a list of gateways along with the corresponding host in the destination that might be used by IB’s TWS:

TWS America – EastPrimaryndc1.ibllc.com4000 / 4001
TWS America – CentralPrimarycdc1.ibllc.com4000 / 4001
TWS EuropePrimaryzdc1.ibllc.com4000 / 4001
TWS AsiaPrimaryhdc1.ibllc.com4000 / 4001

Trading via IB TWS is available 24/7 except when the system is reset during the following time slots:

SERVER RESET TIMESSaturday – ThursdayFriday
NORTH AMERICA23:45 – 00:45 ET23:00 – 03:00 ET
EUROPE05:45 – 06:45 CET23:00 – 03:00 ET
ASIA16:30 – 17:00 ET23:00 – 03:00 ET

How To Test The Quality of Your Connection?

interactive brokers server location
interactive brokers server location

You can test the quality of your connection using IBKR’s Dedicated Test page. The test page will help you identify whether you need a different setup or if your connection is configured properly.

It basically tests your network’s connection against IB’s main trading and market data servers. If the response you get is ‘Success’, then your connection is all good. However, if it says ‘Failure’ then you might have to evaluate your changes or add an exception to your network’s configuration for the new hosts.

How To Transfer TWS Settings From One Computer To Another On The Global Server?

IB has made the transfer of TWS settings from one computer to another fairly easy with its ‘store settings on server’ feature. Using this option, you can store all your settings on cloud and retrieve them anytime you want.

Storing TWS Settings On Cloud

To store TWS settings on cloud, follow the following steps:

  1. Uncheck the ‘Use/store setting on server’ on the login window and then log in using your computer.
  2. Once you are logged in:

    –> Classic Layout: Check the ‘Use store settings on server’ box by navigating through Edit >> Global Configuration >> Lock and Exit.

    –> Mosaic Layout: Check the ‘Use store settings on server’ box by navigating through File >> Global Configuration >> Lock and Exit.
  3. Click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.
  4. To save these settings click on File -> Save Settings.
  5. Click ‘FIle’ and ‘Exit’ to leave the application.

Using TWS Settings on a Different Computer

While logging in from a different computer, check the ‘Use/Store setting on server’ on the login window. Once you log in with this option, all your settings stored on the server will be downloaded to the new computer.

How Can You Know If Your Connection Provider Works With TWS?

To ensure smooth operation, make sure that your service provider offers TCP/IP routing with open access to Internet service ports. IB uses a source port in the publicly addressable space above port 1024.

IB’s TWS uses ports 4000 and 4001 to connect with its servers. Its servers do not function on any other port. Users behind firewalls can use the installed, standalone version of TWS which offers a special outbound port. These users will be asked to specify proxy settings during installation which will be used by TWS later for all HTTP requests.

How Can You Get a Direct Connection to IB’s Servers?

A direct connection to IB’s servers will give you the ultimate fast, reliable and safe, and secure experience. A direct connection can be obtained through a leased line or frame relay interface. You can also contact IB’s sales representatives to learn more about direct connection and how it can be done.

Bottom line: interactive brokers server location

You can connect with any of the four servers located in the United States (2), Europe (1), and China (1). Your connection will be automatically established with the closest server or you can choose one that suits your trading preferences.

Make sure that your connection is fast and smooth so that you can overcome latency and optimize the operations.

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