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How Do I Find My Merrill Edge Account Number? 

Knowing Merrill’s edge account number is a vital complement for transaction purposes. However, finding your bank account and routing number can be tricky once you open an account. And without a valid account number, your investment life could be put on hold.

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Contacting the customer service centre (877-653-4732) is the best way to find out your Merrill Edge account number. Another way to find your account number is through opening back details in your mobile application. Just sign in to your account and you’ll see your account number on top of your Merrill edge details.

Today, I will elaborate on this short answer and explain the process of finding your Merrill edge account number in different ways. Along with that, I will discuss some queries related to opening and investing in a Merrill edge account.

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What is a Merrill Edge account?

Merrill Edge is a broker and trading firm that offers investment planning to traders and customers. Having a Merrill edge account means you can participate in savings, investments, and trading options. This firm was founded by the Bank of America in 2009.

Merrill Edge offers cost-free trading and research related to investment and shareholdings. In this way, you will have a clearer and better idea of what successful investing is.

Merrill Edge is associated with the Bank of America and offers cost-free trades on EFTs. It also contains vital research related to investing, bond buying, and stock trading options.

Merrill Edge is also available in the online application form. All you need to do is download and log in to your account to have complete access wherever you go.

How much time is required to form a Merrill Edge account?

Opening a Merrill edge account only consumes ten minutes. It’s a pretty simple process, and you’ll open the account under the supervision of Merrill edge guidance, or you can do it all by yourself.

Is there a minimum amount required to open a Merrill Edge account?

$0 is the minimum amount you need to open a Merrill Edge account. This means that you don’t need a hundred thousand dollars to start up your account. If you need guidance for investing, you can startup by adding a thousand dollars to your account. In conclusion, starting up an account on Merrill Edge is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. 

You can add $1000 to $2,000 or more to your account. Moreover, there is no specific limit related to the amount of investment. All the money you add to your account is safe and secure. 

How to withdraw money from a Merrill Edge account number?

In the mobile application, open your Merrill Edge account. After signing in to the app, select the withdrawal option present on the software. Then select the withdrawal method and enter the amount you want to take out or transfer. There are no extra charges on the withdrawal or transaction process. 

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How do I find the Merrill edge account number?

There are two ways to find out our Merrill edge account details. One is through contacting customer service directly, while the other option is through using its mobile application. Both of these options are quick and convenient to use. Let’s discuss both of them in detail.

Find your Merrill Edge account number through customer service

Find your new Merrill edge account number by contacting the customer service centre (877-653-4732). Once you open your account, contact the service center, and they will give you your bank account number and other details that you want to know.

This way is convenient even for a newly formed Merrill account. As a freshly created account does not show its number for twenty-four hours, inquiring from the customer service centre would do the job.

Find Merrill edge account details through the mobile application.

Merrill edge services are also available through mobile applications. Download the Merrill Edge application on your phone and log in by entering your ID and password. 

After doing so, you’ll see a tab named ” account” on the screen. Open the tab, and you’ll see your account number right next to your name. These details are available in the investment, account and retirement section.

The Merrill Edge application offers all the services with all the options. Therefore, you can find out your account number and all the other details through the phone.

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How to find a newly created Merrill Edge account number?

Recently made Merrill edge accounts may take some time to give you the account number. It takes almost twenty-four hours to get your account number and details. If you are in a hurry, you can get it through the customer helpline.

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How can I find my Merrill Edge routing number?

You can find the Merrill Routing number on the bottom left corner of your checklist. 084301767 is the Merrill Routing number, represented as the first nine digits on the check. In the same way, the last nine numbers represent your account number.

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Why should I open a Merrill Edge account?

The following are the reasons for opening a Merrill Edge account:

It offers thorough research from third-party firms related to investments, stock trades, and bond acquisitions. 

Secondly, it has incredible customer service and a mobile application that guides you in detail and improves investment decisions.

There are minimal charges on stock buying or trading, withdrawal and money transferring. This makes it a user-friendly and efficient investing platform. 

You can easily link your BOA accounts to Merrill Edge because of their direct association. 

In short, the benefits I mentioned above are the prime reason that Merrill edge outranks the companies in its field. 


Having a Merrill Edge account is an excellent way to do stock trading and strategic investments. However, as a newbie, it gets hard to find your bank account details. So, for your ease, I shared a detailed guide on how to find your bank account number. 

Along with that, we also discussed the method of finding Merrill Routing numbers through checks. As vital information, I also included the method of cash withdrawal and the time required to open the account. Finally, I also discussed some benefits of having a Merrill Edge account. 

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you soon with another exciting piece of information.

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