Do You Get A Free Stock With M1 Finance?

Do You Get A Free Stock With M1 Finance?

In the ever-growing field of fintech and investments, there are a lot of competitors on the market providing a trading platform. However, M1 Finance has found its niche as a Robo-advisory investment platform and grown exponentially with more than $4.5 billion in assets under management. 

M1 Finance does not offer any free stock. However, there are many bonuses that individuals can receive and buy stocks with. Users can get up to $30 through their referral program and a maximum of $2,500 when transferring their account to M1 Finance within 60 days of sign-up.

In this article, I will discuss the different types of bonuses you can get and how you can get the bonuses. I will also explore whether or not the trading platform is a trustworthy one to begin your trading with.

Let’s dive into it!

Does M1 Finance give a free stock?

Unfortunately, M1 Finance does not give free stocks as a sign-up bonus. You need to check their website for any latest promotions or bonuses, as they have different promotional campaigns all year long. If you’re looking for free stock, consider Robinhood, WeBull, or other electronic trading platforms. 

Does M1 Finance have any promotions?

M1 Finance does offer many different promotions. However, depending on the month or their promotion campaigns, the bonuses might vary. You should check on their official website for updated information so that you can take advantage of their latest promotions and bonuses.

How much bonus can you get for transferring a brokerage account?

Recently, M1 Finance offered up to $4,000 in bonuses for the same account transfer. However, the campaign has ended but currently, there is up to a $2,500 bonus for an account transfer. Check out the slabs below for the bonuses you can earn by just transferring your account to M1 Finance:

  • $250-Account with a balance of $100,000 to $249,999
  • $500-Account with a balance of $250,000 to $499,999
  • $1,000 -Account with a balance of $500,000 to $999,999
  • $2,500-Account with a balance of $1,000,000 or more

How can you transfer your brokerage account to M1 Finance?

If you wish to transfer your brokerage or IRA account to M1 Finance, you need to get a copy of your recent financial statements from your current brokerage. Open the same account at M1 Finance that you have with the brokerage. Once you have an open account, send a transfer request from another brokerage account within 60 days of opening an account at M1 Finance.

How much of a bonus can you get for opening a new account?

If you have a member’s referral link, you can join through that to avail yourself up to $30 of the bonus. However, there are some terms and conditions that you need to complete to be eligible to receive the bonus. Also, this promotion is not valid with any other sign-up offers like the “M1 deposit promotion”.

Are there any terms and conditions for receiving a bonus for a new account?

Before you get the $30 referral bonus, you must fund your brokerage account with $100. You can also open a retirement account but would need to add $500 to it. Once done, maintain the account for 30 days without withdrawing any funds. After completing the 30 days, M1 finance will transfer the referral bonus within 14 business days to your payment account.

Can you receive a referral bonus too for users using your referral link?

You can get a $30 referral bonus too if someone joins M1 Finance using your referral link. However, for that, you would need to have funded your account first. If your account is already funded, you would be able to see the “Refer and earn” option under settings in your M1 Finance mobile app. The trading platform will transfer the bonus within 14 business days after their referrals have maintained funds in their account for 30 days.

Why may you not have received a referral bonus yet?

If you haven’t received your referral bonus yet, here are a few reasons why this may be the case:

  1. You may not have the right account type.
  2. You may not have a payment account yet.
  3. You may not have fulfilled the initial deposit requirement.

Is there any bonus for opening a new account and depositing funds into it?

M1 Finance is currently offering $30 for opening an account with them. However, investors and individuals must deposit at least $1,000 into their investment account within the first 14 days. M1 Finance will then transfer your bonus within 7 to 14 days following the deposit.

Which accounts are the promotional credits deposited into?

Promotional credits and referral bonuses are deposited into the payments account. You can also change the payment account through the settings if you have more than one taxable account with M1 Finance. Make sure your payment account is not a retirement account, otherwise you won’t receive the credits. 

Besides bonuses, what else does M1 Finance offer to help you save money?

M1 Finance provides all users with a one-year free M1 Plus account with no strings attached. Users can benefit from lower borrowing fees, 1% annual percentage yield, smart transfers, and more. After the initial year of free M1 Plus, users must pay yearly subscription charges of $125.

Conclusion: Should you sign-up with M1 Finance?

M1 Finance allows users to be passive investors with a customized strategy. It also offers a lot of convenience for an investor using the autopilot feature. Users can link their bank account with their investment account at M1 Finance and ensure automatic investments. M1 Finance even offers low-interest loans (without credit checks) for individuals wishing to avoid the tedious and traditional steps of getting a loan.

With stocks, exchange-traded funds, fractional share ownership, and more, M1 Finance offers a lot of options for new investors. You’re out of luck if you’re looking for a free stock because the trading platform only offers bonuses. Robinhood, WeBull, SoFi, and Firstrade are a few names that come to mind that offer free stock on sign-up.

Personally, I wouldn’t choose a trading platform just because it offered free stock. I like making long-term investments and would prefer M1 Finance as it has zero fees and zero trading commissions. Think about what is important to you and take the right step towards financial freedom.

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