Blog Income Report #1: Implementing Google AdSense

Blog Income Report #1: Implementing Google AdSense

For a while I have wanted to create a new section on the blog where I document the income the site generates through ads and other means. And now this time has come: the very first Blog Income Report is here!


Recently, my blog has been getting some decent traffic so I decided to start monetizing some of it. The most obvious way to monetize traffic seemed to be through display ads; and Google offers the perfect product to get the job done: AdSense.

Probably the best thing about Google Adsense is that it works 100% hands-off. Ads are served based on the content presented and the audience the blog attracts. Also the implementation could not be more simple.

Essentially, all you have to do is paste a publishing code in the header section of your site. To simplify this process even further I used the plugin Advanced Ads.

Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin
Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin

This plugin then connects to your AdSense account and automatically fetches your publisher’s ID. All I had to do then in order to serve ads on this site is to tick the box that says: “Insert AdSense header code“:

Advanced Ads - Insert AdSense Code
Advanced Ads – Insert AdSense Code

The last step was just to toggle auto-ads in Google:

Google AdSense - Auto-Ads
Google AdSense – Auto-Ads

And voilá! Ads were displayed on my site in less than 48 hours.


But now to the truly interesting part. How much income did a fairly new blog (started March 2020) generate?

Here’s the monthly overview:

Blog AdSense Earnings
Blog AdSense Earnings

So, the total estimated earnings for August 2020 are: $11.97. Not enough to retire but also not too bad given that I started the blog just 5 months ago.

Going forward, I am planning on documenting the site’s progress every month. So, look out for the next income report at the beginning of October 😉

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